Fire Department


The City of Cornelia Fire Department is an ISO class-three department nestled in the Northeast Georgia Mountains. The Department was founded in 1887. CFD operates two Fire Stations. One off 441 in Habersham Village shopping center in the commercial district and the other currently under construction in Downtown Cornelia replacing our old station built in 1950. Our department has 19 members comprised of both career and volunteer. The Department provides first response for Emergency medical services, fire suppression, fire prevention and education, extrication, hazardous materials response, and technical rescue to the citizens of our community. The Department houses a ladder, brush truck, rescue truck, fire safety house/command post, and four engines.
Mission Statement
Cornelia Fire Department is committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and public safety services for our community and visitors. We protect lives, property, and environment through fire suppression, emergency medical response, disaster management, fire prevention and public education. Our primary objectives are to prevent or minimize the loss of life, pain, suffering, and property damage because of fire or other type of emergencies.

Vision Statement
It is our vision to be an innovative and progressive fire department. We are dedicated to the delivery of effective fire suppression activities, rescue services, hazardous materials operations, and quality fire/safety education to the public. We strive to offer the best available education and training to our members. The Department advances public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs.

Full-Time Personnel

Badge Name
251 Billy Joe Jenkins Jr.
Fire Chief 
252 Shane Bentley Asst. Chief/Training Officer
253 Dustin Henson
Lieutenant/First Responder
254 Kyle Dotson
Lieutenant/First Responder
255 Zac Hogan
Lieutenant/First Responder
256 Tristan Stephens
257 Drake Meister
Firefighter/First Responder
258 Chris Bruce
Firefighter/First Responder
Matthew Williams
Firefighter/First Responder
261 Alecks Arriage
Firefighter/First Responder
281 Angela Martin
Firefighter/First Responder
282 Michael Hall
Firefighter/ First Responder
FM2 Josh Hazle Lieutenant/Fire Marshal/Fire Investigator