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Summer in Cornelia

With the Georgia heat in full swing and endless summer days upon us, it’s the time of year when everyone wants to be out adventuring. Many people choose to drive long distances to find ways to occupy their summer days, and while taking road trips can be fun, there are also fun things to see and do right under your fingertips. Whether you know it or not, Cornelia offers several opportunities for fun summer activities. Here are 8 ways to enjoy the outdoors in Cornelia:

1.       Cool off at the splash pad:

The Splash Pad is located at the Depot in Downtown Cornelia. It’s a perfect way to cool off and have fun all at the same time. The splash pad provides cold water to run around in, as well covered benches for shade and picnic tables for a yummy picnic lunch. It’s a great opportunity for kids of all ages to come splash around and have a blast. Not to mention, it’s a few steps away from the Depot, which includes the newly renovated train museum for visitors to come explore.

2.       Go for a walk in Cornelia city park:

Cornelia City Park is the best place for a peaceful walk, jog or run. The trails lead visitors through beautiful, green scenery and it’s almost always a very quiet and relaxing place. It’s perfect for exercising or just having fun with friends, especially if you bring a Frisbee or ball to throw around. There are also two playground areas for kids to enjoy, along with tennis and basketball courts. And if you want to bring a picnic, there are elongated tables provided near the playground for that, too.

3.       Take your dog for a walk at Club-Canine:

For days that you want to get out and about with your dog, Club-Canine is the place to go. There you can find two spacious lots, one for small dogs (30 pounds and under) and another for large dogs (30 pounds and over) to run around in. You can also find a small pavilion with picnic tables underneath if it gets too hot for you and your canine friend. There is a watering station for the dogs to get a drink of water and pooper scoopers available for when they need a bathroom break. It’s an awesome space for your dog to run around, free of a leash. And for the times you don’t feel like running after them, there are benches to sit on in the park area. Two other great features that can be found at Club-Canine are the Paws Spas. These are washing stations for your dog that provide the water and you just have to provide the shampoo, free of charge.

4.       Grill out at Irvin Street Park:

Irvin Street Park is a hidden gem in downtown Cornelia, right below Fender’s. It’s very small and hidden, but it’s a shaded area, alongside a flowing creek. There is a small grill, perfect for hotdogs or hamburgers, with picnic tables and a porch swing overlooking the water. The trees provide shelter from the heat and the creek gives a refreshing splash of water to cool off. If you’re looking for a place to hide from the sun and get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, this is the place to go.

5.       Take a stroll on Mud Creek Trail:

This trail is across from Irvin Street Park, on the corner of Hodges Street and Level Grove Road. The mulch trail is an ecological watershed project that would be a nice place to walk if you’re already wandering around downtown. Along the creek are plenty of bright green plants to browse around and there are two swings along the trail if you need to take a break from walking.

6.       Have a BBQ at Jim Smith Park:

This park is across from Shady Grove Baptist Church and has lots to offer. Visitors can find a large pavilion with picnic tables underneath and bathroom accommodations. There is also a large playground area that includes slides, monkey bars, swings and basketball courts. One of the best features of this park is the large grill that is located at the pavilion. It could be used to grill racks of ribs, steaks, chicken, etc. and could cook enough for more than one family.

7.       Have a volleyball or horseshoe competition at Library Park:

Library Park is a great place to host a birthday party or family get-together. There is a volleyball court and horse shoes, leaving plenty of opportunities for family tournaments. Kids can also play on the playground where there are swings, a seesaw, monkey bars and a jungle gym. There are picnic tables under the trees if you’re having a picnic or cookout.

8.       Roll around at the skate park:

The skate park is right beside Library Park and is great for skaters on a skate board, roller skates or bicycles. There are several ramps for practicing tricks and coordination. You could come alone or bring a group of friends to skate around with. And if you get bored of skating, you’re right beside all that Library Park has to offer, so you could take a break on the picnic tables or play some volleyball.

These parks are just a few of the many options for summer fun in Cornelia. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, there are plenty of local restaurants and other businesses that can keep you occupied. But, I encourage you to take advantage of what your local community has to offer and visit one of these parks this summer- they won’t disappoint.