Public Utilities

  1. Water Distribution & Sewer Collection

    For information relating to emergency situations, contact information, projects, road closures, boil water advisories... please click on the Water Distribution & Sewer Collection page.

  2. Waste Water Plant

    View information about our operations and conservation, pollution control plant, septic tanks, and DMR data.

  3. Water Plant

    We at the Water Plant are committed to providing the Citizens of Cornelia the best water quality possible.

  4. Water Quality

    Water Characteristics of Cornelia Water. (Updated twice per year)

  5. Water Conservation

    Please: Use water wisely. Repair your leaks promptly. Report Cornelia Water Distribution leaks to Keith Ethridge 706-894-3074 Stay attentive to conditions when watering outside.

  6. Storm Water Utility

    Storm water runoff begins as rain and carries pollutants from land surfaces on its way to water bodies, such as streams, lakes, and rivers.